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LONELY GHOUSTS is Augmented Reality game where people can meet interesting creatures along their walks and journeys.  The game play is similar to classic 'click and point" or RPG adventures, except in the real world. Creatures will ask you do things (like "quests") and you decide if you want to do them. You can collect smaller resource sprites and craft them into other items you attract more rare spirits for very specuial quests.

LONELY GHOUSTS has been a dream of ours to create for a while- with mobile devices so prominent, how do you make the outside everyday as engaging as our adventures we have sitting with our devices?

The game will support smaller objectives (things you can do in 5-10 minutes) and longer journeys for like an hour walk.

features we are investigating:

- A co-op mode that could be a camera for player 2 to film player 1

- GPS features of certain Creatures only being found in certain types of areas (Forest creatures in woods, urban creatures  developed areas, )

AR presents a lot of interesting challenges for this type of game, and we certainly are having fun being among the pioneers to start solving these problems.


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