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Phantom-like alien creatures are inhabiting your world, and are out to get you!

PHANTOGEIST is a Tango technology ‘first person shooter’ in the actual world, through Augmented Reality.   For the first time in a consumer game, a player can walk around the real world and get into first person combat. The player is not stationary, doesn’t need markers, is limited to tabletops or rooms, and is not tethered to any device or require setting up a playable area.  The Player is free to play anywhere.

The game uses Tango technology Motion Tracking for dynamic “Inside-Out” tracking of the enemy characters and even environments that form around them.  It is playable from a small 3 meter 3 meter area to bigger areas like football fields, and the game will adjust.


PHANTOGEIST supports two local players at once for “Social AR”. The same creatures you see in the world and interact with a partner also sees and interacts with, and makes virtual creatures seem more real when they are a shared experience.  Players are like “Mixed-Reality” cameras for their friend’s adventures, seeing them interact with the creatures without greenscreens or elaborate set-ups.


  • “Social AR” that multiple people can see the same Augmented Reality creatures and interact with them

  • “Story Mode” with live Augmented Reality Alien

  • “Portals” that open up that player fights on enemies dimension but still in actual world.  

  • “Survival Mode” with Leaderboards that sees how long a player can last


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